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Bio PicEirik Gumeny is the author of the Exponential Apocalypse series. His short fiction can be found all over the internet and in various anthologies, and he has contributed to Cracked.com and Atlas Obscura. He is an avid fan of both Shakespeare and fart jokes.

Eirik was born with cystic fibrosis and was kind of disgusting to be around for a while. In 2014, he received a double lung transplant and may have briefly died. He got better.

Born in the suburban sprawl of northeastern New Jersey, he currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he regularly has to fight giant atomic ants with a flamethrower. Email him by clicking here.

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World Enough and Time

About three weeks ago my Twitter serial “World Enough and Time” was published by the wonderful 7×20. I’ve embedded it in it’s entirety below. Would I still recognize her? Would …

"Paul Revere"

History Lesson: Paul Revere

Paul Revere was a famous American drunk and exhibitionist who lived during the height of the Revolutionary War. He is best remembered for stealing a horse and riding through the …