Witness the Firepower

Just in time for, uh, November, I guess, the new website is fully armed and operational. Tremble before it! Or don’t. It’s actually a lot like the old one, only I own it and it’s running on WordPress. You guys like WordPress, right? … Look, I’m not gonna lie; I’m pretty sure my tech skills topped out when I hit thirty. I’ve been finding myself spending a lot more time shaking my fist at my laptop and calling my friends with stupid questions. Yes, CALLING. With a PHONE. I’m OLD.

Anyway, I’ll probably continue updating on both sites until I get bored or copying and pasting the HTML stops working. I’m also going to try to update more frequently and actually be entertaining and not just shill my books, but I’m not making any promises.

Speaking of shilling my books, Exponential Apocalypse the First is free for Kindle all week. EA2: Electric Boogaloo still costs money. But not a lot! I promise! Fellow Jersey Devil Press titles Perhaps. and Love Me are also free and I heartily recommend you get both.