Pulp Fiction

So, this past weekend, I had a few extra hours that I was going to put toward Exponential Apocalypse 3. Then I found the Pulp-O-Mizer, a custom pulp magazine cover generator, and messed aroud with that for a while instead. I was working under the procrastinatory delusion that I could jump-start some new ideas, but mostly it was just fun.

Anyway, below are approximations of what the Exponential Apocalypse covers would look like if I was writing in the ’30s and selling them to magazines. Scroll to the last one and you’ll find a working title and some (very) vague hints about the third book.

Exponential Apocalypse

Dead Presidents

High Voltage

For what it’s worth, every time I see the phrase “High Voltage” I immediately hear it coming from Bon Scott of AC/DC. I haven’t figured out if that’s a plus or a minus yet.