Read With Your Ears

lick meGot a new story at CommuterLit today called “Close Enough,” about a lizard that solves existential crises. The story’s darkly comic, as is most everything I write, but there’s no real swearing so that’s new.

I wrote “Close Enough” for — and read it at — the DimeStories open mic a few weeks ago. They put some of the audio from that on the web, so if your eyes are feeling kind of lazy this morning, you can listen to me reading the story here instead. Personally, I’d recommend doing both at the same time. It’ll be like I’m right there, lurking over your shoulder and breathing into your ear.

Speaking of reading and ears, the audiobook for Exponential Apocalypse should be on Audible soon. Lee Ann Howlett narrated the project and we’re just waiting for Audible to finish up post-production and give us the final OK. She did a fantastic job and I’m stoked about letting this thing loose in the world, assuming “stoked” is still something people say.

Speaking of people saying things, the newest review for Dead Presidents is over at Out of the Bags:

Eirik Gumeny has out done himself in this second book. Its more quirky than the first and a lot more crazy.

Check out the whole review by clicking here.

Speaking of clicking here, I appear to finally be out of links — and segues smoother than a baby’s shaved and waxed head. Feel free to start at the top and go through them all again, though.