Good News, Everyone

Boy Meets GirlGot two huge announcements this week.

First up is Boy Meets Girl, my flash fiction chapbook from Kattywompus Press. The chapbook’s been a long time coming — I think I signed a contract with the publisher a year ago — but totally worth the wait.

Boy Meets Girl collects some of my previously published prose as well as a few new pieces that I really love. The book’s also got some killer cover art by Mexican illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada, an image that sums up the entire collection perfectly as far as I’m concerned.

Now, given that I’ve got two very distinct styles of writing, I feel like I should probably specify here: If you’re a fan of the poop jokes and dark comedy, keep on scrolling to the next bit of news. If, however, you like it when I get all soul-crushing and poetic, then Boy Meets Girl is the book for you. This is by far the artiest book I’ve got. There’s a story in there so sad my wife can’t read it without crying. And if that’s not art, I don’t know what is.

You can order Boy Meets Girl now from Kattywompus Press, or come visit me at the Southwest Book Fiesta in a few weeks. I’ll have a limited supply on hand.

Next, and even newer — I literally found out a few hours ago — Exponential Apocalypse is now available on Audible as an audiobook. Narrated by Lee Ann Howlett, the audiobook is everything you love about Exponential Apocalypse, now in a handy .mp3 format. Now you can read while you drive! Or cook! Or do other stuff! There is absolutely no reason for you not to download the audiobook right the hell now. Unless you’re deaf or something, in which case I apologize for my insensitivity.

To recap:

Boy Meets Girl, a chapbook of flash fiction, available from Kattywompus Press.
Exponential Apocalypse, the greatest post-apocalyptic comedy ever written, available as an audiobook at Audible.

Help support independent writers, publishers, and audiobook narrators by buying copies today for everyone you know. And then a couple extra, just in case.