You Non-Miraculous Son of a Bitch

My newest short story, “You Non-Miraculous Son of a Bitch,” is now available for your reading pleasure over at the magnificent Defenestration. Check it out now, along with the rest of their April issue.

The title (and the inspiration for the story) was cribbed from a single line of dialogue from Community. (First person to correctly identify the episode sans Google wins my undying adoration.) The story’s about a slacker — because they say write what you know — and a minotaur — because minotaurs are awesome.

Also, reminder: Exponential Apocalypse is now available as an audiobook, at both Audible and Amazon.

4 thoughts on “You Non-Miraculous Son of a Bitch

    • Eirik

      Woo! Now, when I’m a ghost, I’ll haunt you forever but always say nice things.

    • Eirik

      Thanks, Robin! I’m glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for sharing the link!

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