A Train Wreck of Awesome

Another week, another self-important Google search of my own name. Here’s what turned up:

First, there’s a review of Exponential Apocalypse over at Death by Killing.

Exponential Apocalypse is a train wreck of awesome. A cast of characters that includes a Norse god who works at a New Jersey hotel, a squirrel with telekinetic powers, and the clones of past minor American presidents and Queen Victoria. And a world that’s undergone robot, zombie, werewolf apocalypses and just keeps on truckin toward inevitable death.

Many thanks to Chris for the kind words.

Next up, Dead Presidents got flagged as a top ten travel book at Smash Attack Reads, and who am I to argue.

Travel all over the post-apocalyptic wasteland, pursued by basically everyone you’ve killed in the past three days. Plus English majors. And scientists. And a squirrel.

Thanks to Audrey for that one. I’m glad to see my books still strike a chord even after they’ve been read and shelved.

I think that’s it. Rest assured, though, that I will continue to stalk myself on the internet and keep you in the loop.