Busy Weekend

Bunch of stuff went up over the last few days, so let’s dive right in.

First is “Double or Nothing” over at Shotgun Honey.

Ramirez went down in the second. A couple times. He’s standing now, on the ropes, uncertain of his footing, but he’s standing. The referee calls it anyway. TKO.


“Double or Nothing” is actually a trimmed down version of a story originally published on Ryan Werner’s OBCBYL and inspired by Thin Lizzy’s “Waiting on an Alibi.” A couple people have called it a noir love story and I’m totally OK with that. More love stories should involve tire irons.

Next is an interview I did with Ian McClellan at Zombie Guide Magazine.

We talk about writing and zombies, which is not surprising, but also cystic fibrosis, which is surprising, especially given my general reticence to even acknowledge the subject sometimes. I guess my point is either Ian is magic or, if you want to talk to me about serious topics, sandwich it between questions about the undead.

And last up is less new stuff to read and more helping out a couple folks who are helping me out. Both are blogs that promote indie writers just kind of because and it’s only fair to return the favor.

I don’t really know much about the Rose & Beps Blog, but he threw up a promo post for me all the same, and that’s not nothing. I was legitimately impressed by how thorough he was given that I gave him no information. For the record, if you’re at work, there is an awful lot of “romance” on his blog, the kind where shirtless dudes are grabbing ladies’ butts.

The other helping hand was offered by Robin Kalinich’s More Ink. I have met her and she seems pretty cool, plus she’s always posting helping information about writing and other stuff to think about. I highly recommend following her stuff.

Speaking of following, if you followed links from any of the above to get here, then clicked your way back, and then clicked your way back here again, allow me to apologize for getting you caught in an endless loop of internetting. Here’s a profanity-laden song about pterodactyls from the Oatmeal for your troubles.