Exponential Apocalypse: Dead PresidentsJust because I’m in the hospital doesn’t mean the internet stops spinning… or whatever it does. Screaming?

Anyway, check out an excerpt from Dead Presidents over at That Part Where, a website designed to showcase the best scenes from the newest books, specifically scenes that aren’t included in the previews on Amazon and similar sites.

Not much else to report other than that. Finally got admitted to the hospital on Friday and, as far as I can tell, I have survived the first weekend. Sleep is, as always in a hospital, near impossible, but the nurses have worked with me to come up with something vaguely resembling a reasonable schedule. One of the antibiotics I’m on is closesly related to one I’m allergic to, so they’ve been pumping me full of Benadryl, which also helps with the sleeping. The itching on my arms might indicate that’s a failing endeavor, though. The food sucks, but that’s a given. That’s really it. As far as hospital experiences go, this one hasn’t been half bad. Of course, it’s not even half over, so we’ll see if that holds up.