CommuterLit Anthology Now Available

CommuterLitSelectionsCoverStill in the hospital for a few more days, but it’s feeling a little less terrible. Sure, the ceiling leaked yesterday and dirtied all of my clean clothes, and I’m super excited about only getting interrupted twice during the night, and the respiratory therapist stares at me with hawk eyes and stretches in an uncomfortably suggestive manner, but whatever. I’m on a bunch of stuff that’s making the stay, shall we say, a little more pleasant, plus I finally made it to the espresso bar near the entrance and got real coffee. Also, I’m leaving Friday, so fuck this place.

In other news, CommuterLit Selections Fall 2013: A Week of Reading for Your Transit Commute is now available as a paperback. My flash story “Starlight” is included! Find out more and order your copy here.