I Have No Idea What Time It Is

Look, I know Daylight Savings Time was created with the best of intentions, but isn’t it time we knocked that shit off? We have ELECTRICITY now. Any time can be daytime. We’ve defeated nature. All the changing of the clocks does now is piss off TV programmers and disorient folks like me with an already tenuous grasp of time. You try working nights for most of your adult life and tell me that doesn’t mess with your internal clock.

Anyway, my flash story “Sandcastles Made of Salt” was published in Bone Parade last week, in the midst of all my Halloween-ing. In the time between when that story was accepted and when it was published, “Sandcastles” also made its way into my chapbook, Storybook Romance. So consider this a free sample, I guess, and then go and pick up the chapbook. Anonymous friends of mine call it great.

Speaking of free, if you somehow managed to dodge my constant haraunging last week, a) good for you and b) “Gnome-pocalypse” has run its course and you can read the whole thing straight through, starting here. Click the banners on the bottoms to work your way down the line.

Also, on a personal note, after five months of living in this house, I finally found all my cardigans. My WRITING cardigans. You’ve been warned.