A New Home for the Gnomes

TTwSC Vol 4

“Gnome-pocalypse” has found a new home, in with the misfits and tapirs and homicidal ATMS of Rooster Republic Press’s Tall Tales with Short Cocks, Vol. 4. This latest volume of bizarro short stories includes new shit from Casper Kelly, Bradley Sands, Ross E. Lockhart, Danger Slater, Douglas Hackle, John McNee, Jessica McHugh, Arthur Graham, Jeff O’Brien, Grady Hendrix, Chanteclaire Coquine, David S. Atkinson, and, of course, me.

I haven’t finished reading it all yet, but that’s not going to stop me from declaring Tall Tales with Short Cocks, Vol. 4, the best one of the series. And you should too. Preferably loudly and publicly and to all of your rich friends who buy things two or three times without realizing they already own a copy.