It’s Electric!

High VoltageHere’s the short version: HIGH VOLTAGE, the third novel in the Exponential Apocalypse series, is now available as an e-book. Buy it from Amazon or Smashwords or Google or somewhere else.

Here’s the longer, way less direct version: We are still here in California, just waiting for the call, and I’m doing as well as I can, all things considered. Our friend brought our dog out over the weekend, so that was awesome, but there’s not much else to report. Just sleeping and waiting and doing meds and waiting and waiting and waiting. Having that much time on my hands and needing to do something that didn’t involve moving much to distract myself from being way too in my own head, I buckled down on High Voltage.

There wasn’t tons to do as I’d essentially finished the book a few months ago. I was initially planning on putting it out earlier, sometime in 2013 probably, but I was waiting to hear back from a particular publisher about republishing the entire Exponential Apocalypse series. And while they did actually get back to me pretty quick after the initial inquiry, the final decision dragged on and on, with them asking for and reading the full manuscripts, contacting me after a while to tell me I was still in consideration, and then waiting an interminable amount of time in silence before finally sending me a form rejection letter. While I was waiting, I went ahead and jumped the gun a little, getting things ready to reissue Exponential Apocalypse and Dead Presidents, including making new covers and correcting a factual inaccuracy that no one in their right minds would ever catch.

Once I finally got the rejection I figured fuck it and put out the reissues myself. I started to put the final touches on High Voltage but then I ended up in the hospital, and then in another hospital, and then I got out of the hospital but was still in California, and then I finally (with a little help from my friends) finished High Voltage.

Anyway, here they are:

Exponential ApocalypseDead PresidentsHigh Voltage

The paperback’s still pending for High Voltage, but in the meantime, here’s an excerpt. Specfically, the first chapter, “Benjamin ‘Motherfuckin”‘ Franklin.”

And here’s the Goodreads listing if that’s your thing. Personally I don’t think I’m doing it right.

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  1. Ian McClellan

    Just picked it up. Love your work! Also added it to my Goodreads TBR list even though I don’t really know what’s going on over there either.

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