In Brief

Underpants CalvinNot much is going on, but here’s the rundown:

Health-wise, this time around no news is good news. I’m gaining weight, breathing incrementally better, and still just waiting for the call.

Albuquerque Comic Expo is this weekend and I’ll have a table there, in Artists Alley. Obviously, I won’t be at the table — a friend of mine will be running it for me — but if you’re looking to get a paperback copy of High Voltage that’s the place to go.

Finally signed a contract this week for an upcoming short story publication. It’s been delayed a while, but hopefully it’ll be out soon!

In closing, I leave you with this infuriating commercial for PayPal:

Clicking is faster than typing?! That’s your whole pitch, PayPal?! How stupid and lazy do you think we are? Have you not heard of Amazon and their whole “1-click” thing? Also, MAYBE IF YOU STOPPED TYPING WITH YOUR FEET, YOU’D HAVE AN EASIER TIME ENTERING YOUR ADDRESS, LADY!

I hate that commercial.