I’m Protected ‘Cause I Made This Hat

Crap on a cracker, has it been another month already? Well, no, no, I guess not; tomorrow’s a month, but whatever, close enough. I’m surprised I even know today’s July at this point. (It still is, right?)

Anyway, nothing new to report. Still in California, still waiting for the transplant call. I’ve gained, like, fifteen pounds so that’s something. Last week was the first time the doctors weren’t on my ass about gaining weight. Ironically enough, I actually have an ass now.

Other than bottoming-out with anxiety for a few days — better now, by the way — everything’s been pretty cool. We had some friends and family stop by, so that was fun, and I got super into soccer again for a couple weeks while the World Cup was going on. Then, last week, I got super into Weird Al again. But they’re both over now, so, I dunno, maybe I’ll get into Jerry Springer or something.

Uh… Nothing really else to say, so… Here are some of the aforementioned Mr. Yankovic’s videos to take up space: