Adventures in Kitchening

Today I finally got around to trying my hand at the Bruschetta-bout It Burger from the “Beefsquatch” episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Bruschetta-bout It

I remember thinking that sounded like a delicious burger when I first saw the episode, and later on I found out some dude had the same idea. His site, the Bob’s Burger Experiment, is dedicated to cooking up burgers from all different episodes, to the point that even the show’s creator has reached out to him. That’s awesome, and I want to give him credit for pointing me in the right direction with my attempt, seen here:

Bruschetta-bout It Burger

Bruschetta-bout It Burger 2

I forgot lettuce was a thing and the fresh basil went bad, but otherwise the burger mostly went off without a hitch. Probably should have made smaller patties in hindsight, as a solid half pound of beef overpowered the cheese and tomatoes and what-not. Still, pretty good for a first attempt. I’ll probably try for sliders next time. I think that’ll be the right balance.