Valentine’s Day Serial

Well, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you know what that means: just too much God damned pink everywhere. Also, I’m throwing another serialized story up on my blog. This time around, though, no horror. I’m gonna roll up my pants and take a stab at romance (and then disappear down Flamingo Lane). And by “romance” I don’t mean the lady porn with covers of dudes who can’t afford shirts. I’m talking capital R “Romance,” like Romeo and Juliet or the “Dark Phoenix Saga.” So, you know, tragedy. But then again, I’m writing it, so… let’s call it tragicomic romance.

That’s not the only thing different. For one, I’ve actually got this thing plotted out and partially written, so hopefully no last minute scrambling. For another, it takes place in the Exponential Apocalypse universe — a good couple years before the books, and not involving any of the characters, but still. It’s canon, baby.

Anyway, the story’s called “Store-crossed” (not to be confused with “Snow-crossed,” my Twitter serial about forbidden yeti love) and it begins, right here, in, like, ten hours or so.