Quintology of Qualms

Over the weekend, I released my newest e-book, Quintology of Qualms, a collection of Halloween-themed horror comedy stories. But here’s the best part:

Quintology of Qualms Flyer

Quintology of Qualms is free all week!

Quintology includes “Cut & Dry,” “Gnome-pocalypse,” and “The Lion, the Witch, and the Werewolf,” as well as two and a half new stories! Currently the collection is exclusively available for Kindle, but I’ll put it up on Smashwords and Google as soon as I am legally able. It, uh, it could be a little while. Think Christmas.

Anyway, here’s the link: Quintology of Qualms

And the blurb:

SCREAM in delight as an orphan sacrifice goes hilariously awry! FRIGHT AND FRET when witches and werewolves start working out their issues! With claws and magic! POOP YOUR PANTS as two mad scientists take their creation out for coffee! With disastrous results!

Two more than a Trilogy of Terror, but one less than a Sextet of Sadness, Eirik Gumeny brings you the QUINTOLOGY OF QUALMS! A Halloween-themed horror comedy collection! Read it IF YOU DARE!