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Every time I write one of these posts I have all these grandiose plans to make it not suck but then it ends up being 10:30 at night and I’m exhausted and then I’m like, fuck it, and it ends up being terrible and I’m all like, why doesn’t anyone ever read these? Anyway, on to the links.

My newest short story, “Make a Wish,” is up at Red Fez, as part of their Halloween issue. It helps if you read the intro (and outro) in the voice of Rod Serling. Feel free to read the rest of it however you want. It’s about a guy and a magic lamp and it takes place in the ’90s because why not?

As I mentioned before, “Run” (I think that’s what I titled it) has been accepted into the Quick Shivers About Bugs anthology from Daily Nightmare. They’re running a Kickstarter for it, so they can load it up with illustrations and essays and crazy fonts and crazier layouts and stuff. The anthology sounds pretty bonkler, which is either bonkers and baller smashed together or a typo. There’s some cool people in it, and you should check it out.

Quintology of QualmsAnd, last but least, Devil Went Down to Jersey is free for Kindle from, like, two hours from now until Friday! This will probably be the last time I give it away for free, so get it while you can! After this I’m making it a Kindle non-exclusive which Amazon isn’t super fond of, so they take away all your promotion options. Oh well!

Also, don’t forget that Quintology of Qualms is still available for all your Halloween horror comedy short story needs! Those are needs people have, right? Anyway, it’s 99 cents for 82 pages of words, which is 1.207 cents per word, which is a good price for words.

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  1. Joseph Jude Gumeny

    Ok I’m reading!!! Great work. Keep it up. I have Christmas shopping to do…

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