Crunch Time

Alright, guys, here’s the deal: Revenge-aroni is coming out this Friday. That’s about four days, depending on how you math. This is easily the longest book I’ve written, by close to 100 pages, and probably the one I’m most proud of. Aside from the usual poop jokes and violence, there’s actually some psuedo-heavy shit in this one, about death and acceptance and the injustice of existence and how god-awful Denny’s is sometimes.

So, here’s what I’m asking: Please help me promote the crap out of this and maybe we can get Revenge-aroni onto Amazon’s best-seller list. Just for a day.

The easiest way to do that is by clicking on the little widget below and joining the Thunderclap. Sign in and Thunderclap will simultaneously auto-post a link to Revenge-aroni on April 1 from all of us. In theory, with all of those links going live at the same time, the book will domino through social media and be impossible to ignore. WE WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE.

Anyway, we’re 25% of the way there now and I think, if we roll up our sleeves and click, we can do it.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped already. I appreciate your support more than you know. As some of you other self-doubting, anti-social writers can probably understand, a lot of times it feels like I’m the only one excited about this book. Seeing that someone else is willing to help spread the word means the world to me.