Busy Couple of Days

This Place Matters Photo ContestSo, I kinda took up photography as a hobby late last year, and now I’ve got a photo going on display at the This Place Matters: Save Route 66 exhibit at Flying Star Nob Hill. The awards ceremony is tomorrow at 3, but the photos will be on display through the end of November. The photos are all part of the Make ART Smart campaign, which, despite the title, is not pro- better art or a fundraiser to send a guy named Art to college, but is instead anti- the proposed Albuquerque Rapid Transit shitshow. You can find out more at makeartsmart.org, or, honestly, just walk up and down Central Ave. and pretty much any shop owner will tell you why gutting the street for a dedicated bus lane is a terrible idea.

Way too early on Sunday, I’ll be defending my title as the Men’s 10K Walk (Age 35-39) Champion at the Duke City Marathon. I am … not very fast. But the only other guy in my group last year didn’t even finish, so here we are. Last year I was doing it prove a point — that point being that I could walk six miles, which, man, that was harder than I thought — but this year I’m mostly doing it because I get bored standing around waiting for my wife and father-in-law to run their races.

Clearly the high point of '80s cinema.
Clearly the high point of ’80s cinema.

Then it’s off to Denver where I’ll be reading Tuesday night at Once Bitten at the FBomb with David S. Atkinson, Karl Fischer, Danger Slater, and anyone who grabs the open mic after us. This is your one and only chance to hear me read a vampire story, because I hate them, but I’m a stickler for a theme.

Then on Wednesday … Well, nothing. I mean, unless you live somewhere between Denver and Albuquerque and want to help me sell books out of the trunk of my car somewhere. ‘Cause I’d totally be down for that.