Medical Horseshit


  • Took the repeat pulmonary function test yesterday and, as usual, I’m healthier than ever! No bronch! Honestly, in hindsight, I think I kind of forgot how to do do a PFT correctly. On the other hand, the pulmonologist’s only job is making sure I don’t fuck the test up, so some of this is on him. You’re supposed to inhale as much as you can, then exhale as hard as you can. He was telling me to exhale somewhere in the middle of my inhale and everything got wonky. Anyway, I finally figured it out on my own, like, two tries in, no thanks to anyone with a medical degree. Good thing I didn’t stress out unnecessarily for two weeks and get put on antibiotics for no reason. HAHAHAHA ha ha … *sigh*
  • Still had to do the CT scan this morning and couldn’t have coffee (or food) beforehand, so that was kind of stupid. But they got the results quick (like, the doctor called me while I was writing this) so that’s something. Unfortunately, it looks like the “scar tissue” is growing, which is not something scar tissue usually does, so they’re going to do another biopsy on it. Dr. Doomsayer was quick to remind me that this might be cancer, and, well, now I kind of miss when they just lied about that part.
  • So, anyway, with yet another procedure on the horizon, if you (or your company) have any extra money you’re looking to donate before the year ends, here’s the link to COTA again: All donations are tax-deductible, will be used solely for good, and are part of a healthy diet.

Artist Bullshit

Fleeting Exhibition

  • “Fleeting: A Small Works Art Exhibit” opens tomorrow and three of my photos are included! (The shot of the bird on the above flyer is mine. A flyer on a flyer! HAHAHAHA ha ha … *sigh*) There’s a reception at the Open Space Visitors Center from 2-4 p.m. tomorrow, free and open to the public, and then the show runs until January 8. All artwork is for sale, with a cut of the profits going to help the city’s Open Space program.
  • Also tomorrow, I will be reading at New Mexico Stories, a collaboration between DimeStories and City on the Edge. The event starts at 7 p.m. tomorrow night at Draft Station ABQ, with a $5-20 suggested donation that will go to the ACLU. All stories will be NM-based and I totally have mine finished and won’t spend the afternoon scrambling to compile a coherent story out of several scraps of paper. No, sir!


  1. Angelique Gertig

    Eirik, I was at the small artist exhibit at the Open Space this weekend, and fell in love with your photograph of the Sandhill Crane. I looked you up on Facebook and thus found your blog. You have a great eye for wildlife shots. I am interested in purchasing that picture. Do I need to go through the Open Space Visitor Center to initiate that? I understand the works are on exhibit until January 8th.

    • Eirik

      Thank you so much! If you would like a framed print it would be easiest to go through the Visitor Center. They said that they’ll be handling all sales for the exhibit directly. They’ve been wonderful to work with. Thank you again!

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