Pledge Drive 2016

So, first off, the biopsy for that mysterious spot was finally scheduled … for the first week of next year. <sarcasm>Hooray for paying the entirety of the deductible immediately! </sarcasm>

This would be more OK if I had any God damned idea what my deductible is going to be next year. But I don’t! You see, I currently have insurance through the state of New Mexico, but per their last update in October, they’re going to change providers come 2017. However, as of today, December 19, 2016, with less than two weeks left in the year, they still haven’t made clear who that provider will be or what the plans will cover. Also, as an added kick in the pants, they were in the process of rolling the pool over into the ACA exchange. Are they going to keep doing that now? Will the ACA even exist to be rolled into? Will the NM medical insurance pool continue to be available next year? Your guess is literally as good as mine, for even the folks at the NM MIP office do not have any idea.

Best case, the new provider is excellent and cheap and nothing will really change. More likely, though, I’m going to have to move over to my wife’s employer’s insurance, which will mean increased costs next year for both of us. Currently, $15,000 out-of-pocket a year is good for us, but all signs are pointing to that number going up next year, possibly significantly.

Also, because clearly things were going too well for me, this happened:

I’m fine, just incredibly sore. We’re likely to be out of a car, though, and have to pay the deductible on that insurance, along with other possible fees and fines.

Which brings us to the crux of today’s post: As you consider your end-of-year giving, please remember donating to the COTA website is tax deductible and deeply appreciated!

And if you yourself can’t give, that’s cool, but check with the boss man. It’s the time of year when companies like to make charitable donations so they can feel good about themselves at night. Maybe suggest COTA for Eirik G. as one of those charities?

Thank you so much to everyone for your support! Your love, prayers, good vibes, and dedicated fundraising literally make my life possible.