Dollar Shave Club

Who’s got two thumbs and was featured in the Member Spotlight section of Dollar Shave Club’s monthly Bathroom Minutes? This guy! (You probably can’t see it but I’m pointing at myself with my thumbs.) Thanks for that, DSC. I’m not sure what the Venn diagram looks like of people that would enjoy my books and people that would buy books from the toilet, but I feel like there’s a high potentiality for crossover.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, you really should consider checking out Dollar Shave Club. Their razors are stupid cheap ($6 for 4 razors) and really good. Plus they have a one dollar trial, I believe.

And I’m not hocking their shit just because they put me in a newsletter — I genuinely believe these are better razors than Gillette or whoever else makes razors. I even converted my wife to using them. We’re saving, like, $40 a month. Click here to join the cult.

Also, fun fact, Jim Sullivan, the guy next to me in the toilet paper (*rimshot*), is the guy behind the Places That Were website, which is all about exploring abandoned whatevers. I’ve actually been following him online for a while and even used his website to help me research Ella’s Frontier in Joseph City, Ariz.

Small world.