The Whole Enchilada

Word up, party people. In case you missed the announcement previously, I’m currently putting the finishing touches on Black Hole, Son!, the fifth and final Exponential Apocalypse book, and saying goodbye to the EA universe for good.

Of course, seeing as how the EA books have been a part of my life for almost a full decade — Exponential Apocalypse was released in 2009, two full years before Marvel’s Thor was a pompous jerk in a diner — I thought I might as well reminisce a little.

And maybe you’d like to join me?

Let’s start with one for the completist nerds. Here now, for the first time, the full and comprehensive list of Exponential Apocalypse novels and stories, in order:

“By Any Other Clock”
“Last Minute”
“Night of the Living”
“The Eyebrows of a Madman”
“Almost Every November”
“Chinese Take-Out” (by Stephen Schwegler!)
Exponential Apocalypse
“Great Balls of Fire” (Newsletter member exclusive!)
Dead Presidents
“The Exponential Apocalypse Holiday Special”
High Voltage
“Free-Range and Grass-Fed”
“Bed, Bath, and Oh, God, Run” (Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, issue 60)
Black Hole, Son! (Coming soon!)

Stay tuned for other upcoming shenanigans, like pre-orders, fantasy casting, and maybe a Spotify soundtrack!

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