Live in Albuquerque? Visiting family there? Laid over for a few hours due to unexpected plane maintenance? Well, you like Breaking Bad, don’t you?

You're God damn right.
You’re God damn right.

Below is a Self-Guided Driving Tour of Breaking Bad sights easily accessible in Albuquerque, NM. The .pdf lists 21 locations of varying importance and photo-opportunity-ness, complete with addresses, descriptions (most from the Breaking Bad wiki), and stills from the show for reference. UPDATE: Google seems to be limiting the number of destinations on any given map, so the map embedded below is not complete. Your best bet is to download the .pdf and plug the addresses into your GPS as you go.

Download the informational .pdf here: Breaking Bad Self-Guided Driving Tour

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Please remember, these places are peoples’ actual homes and businesses, so don’t be a dick. Or, to put it another way…

Tread Lightly

8 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Self-Guided Driving Tour

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  3. pocahotness Reply

    out of all the self-guided tour links, yours was the best for me. thanks, had a blast checking out the sites yesterday!

  4. Lou and Ian Reply

    We’re here from he UK and are going to do your tour tomorrow. Thanks so much for putting this together. We’re big fans of the show and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to visit the set locations before we head back West towards San Diego and thw West Coast.

  5. Tomlinson Family Reply

    Just wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort to put this together. We were in Albuquerque on a Tuesday and apparently no guided tours were running that day so we checked out your self-guided tour and it was great. Thanks again for a great job done!

  6. Leigh Ann Reply

    Just printed your pdf and can’t wait to do this tour when we are in ABQ in September. Thanks so much for putting your time and energy into this and sharing it with us!

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