Self-Adulation Time

Not to be confused with self-flagellation time, which is either gross or stupid, depending on the definition you’re going with. Either way, I shouldn’t have brought it up and I’m sorry. I’m tired and coming up with witty blog titles is harder than it looks.

Anyway, I’m interviewed in this month’s issue of Albuquerque the Magazine. It’s the “Best of the City” issue. You can draw your own conclusions. They ask me about Exponential Apocalypse: Dead Presidents, moving here from New Jersey, and why living in L.A. is stupid. The interview isn’t online, so you’re going to have to either buy the issue or just try and read the page I scanned.

In other awesome things, my story “Rubble” was nominated for a Pushcart. Thanks to Dena Rash Guzman and everyone at Unshod Quills for publishing it, nominating it, and coming up with “Godzilla” as a theme in the first place.

And, finally, my short story collection We’re Going to Die Here, Aren’t We? was compared to Lewis Carroll by way of George Carlin. That’s not strictly relevant in any way, but since I’m talking myself up I figured why not.

2 thoughts on “Self-Adulation Time

  1. Kimberly Brazell

    Eirik, you’re smart and funny and I miss your unique sense of humor. I’m going to get around to reading your book one of these days, I promise… but in the mean time I figured the least I could do is leave you a comment here. Hope your life continues to go well and you are amazingly successful in everything you do. Peace out homie ♥KZ

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