Review Round-Up

Got a couple more reviews of Exponential Apocalypse making the rounds for you.

First is over at Voracious Reader:

It is well written with good humor and good editing and continuity if such a mixed up world can have such a thing.

Second is at I’m A Voracious Reader (not to be confused with the first voracious reader):

Let me put it to you this way… this book is like Monty Python on crack. I happen to love Monty Python (but not crack, not that I’ve ever tried it), so I found this book quite amusing and an entertaining way to spend an afternoon.

And, finally, there was some guy on Amazon who angrily compared the book to Cheech & Chong. Not to be an asshole here, but if you’re comparing a book to Cheech & Chong and saying it’s a bad thing, the problem isn’t with the book.

1 thought on “Review Round-Up

  1. A Voracious Reader

    Wait, what? There’s another Voracious Reader? My twin perhaps? Aha! Not a twin. I see that I am the elder sibling. Mwahahahahaha! *rubs hands together in an evil manner* What do you mean I shouldn’t administer wedgies or plastic wrap the toilet seat and steal the toilet paper in the middle of the night? *sigh* Well, ok. Sheesh.

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