Shit Got Real, Guys

My wife’s blogging over at our COTA site ( in a much more responsible manner than I’m about to. If you want more facts and less swearing, go over there. If you’re not particularly picky, here’s the quick and dirty deal:

CF caught up with me hard last weekend and I’ve been having a lot of trouble breathing ever since. I was transferred via air-ambulance to Stanford Hospital in California where my case will, tomorrow, be presented to some sort of Board of Elders or something wherein they will decide whether or not I’m listed for a double lung transplant, effectively kickstarting us into active “I’ma get new lungs” mode and moving us out of the evaluation/possibility phase. Once that happens, it’s anywhere from a few weeks to several months of sitting around and waiting.

In the meantime, I’m just chilling at Stanford. I’m doing better day-by-day, but it’s still tremendously more difficult than it should be to take a shit.

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2 thoughts on “Shit Got Real, Guys

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  2. Maggie May

    The Elders sounds like something straight outta Game of Thrones- I hope they are smart and kind and give you what you need. Sending health and strength your way–

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