Hello, Modern Love Listeners!

I’m assuming that if you’re here, you’re either (a) interested in the rest of my transplant story, or (b) want to see what else I’ve written. Please allow me to oblige you!

For all the completists here for the details, here’s a link to the blog posts I’ve written about the transplant, and here’s the article I wrote for Cracked, back in the day. (Much like the Times essay, the title wasn’t my idea.)

I’m also currently working on a novel about the entire transplant journey, tentatively titled This Is Gonna Suck. If you’d like to be kept in the loop on its progress, please click here to sign up for my newsletter. Or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

For all the (b) folks, hey, thank you! I’m the author of the sci-fi comedy series, Exponential Apocalypse, and I’ve also written a number of short stories, scattered all across the interwebs. And while the stories are all unequivocally amazing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that they’re all pretty different in tone from the “Modern Love” essay, and often from each other. So, you know, fair warning.

For everyone who clicked on my name by accident and was actually interested in my wife Monica’s perspective on the essay, you can check out her blog by clicking here.

Whatever it was that brought you here, thank you so much for your support! It was a great honor to be featured on “Modern Love,” both today and back in September, and I want to thank Daniel Jones and Jessica Alpert (and Amory Sivertson and John Perotti and Chris Messina!) for giving me these opportunities.